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Drone Technology

Examining difficult-to-reach parts of a house is tough, which can cause us to miss important problems. Drones help us see better in tricky places like steep roofs, chimneys, and high windows. They're also useful for looking at things like brick walls and other tough spots.

Why Drones?

Drones are used in home inspections because they can go where humans can't, capturing clear pictures from high places and tight spots. This helps inspectors find problems like roof damage and structural issues faster and more thoroughly. If a drone is needed in your home inspection, there is no additional charge. 

Our Credentials & Training

Using drones for home inspections requires the operator to have the right licenses and certifications from aviation authorities. It's also important to follow privacy and airspace rules to do inspections in a proper and trustworthy way.  FAA licensed Drone Pilot is fully trained to thoroughly inspect your home 

What is Inspected with Drones?

Drones inspect different parts of homes like roofs, chimneys, and gutters – places that are hard to reach. They take detailed pictures to check for issues like leaks, cracks, and wear, making inspections more accurate and thorough.

What is Produced

The photos taken by the drone cameras are included in the final inspection report. All photos are digital and detailed. 

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